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Raster to Vector Conversion Service

There are different types of digital graphics. But in our daily life, we usually see the usage of two types of digital graphics. One is raster graphics and the other is vector graphics. Raster graphics refers to an image that represents single or multiple grid of pixels which is viewable on any display device. Raster images can be saved or stored in various file formats. On the other hand, vector graphics uses polygons to represent images in digital graphics. Vector graphics are based on vectors called control points or nodes. These points lead through locations, those have definite positions on the both x- & y-axes and create path. Each path can be assigned different values for many attributes like stroke color, shape, curve, thickness, and fill.

It's easy to understand that a vector image will provide you better quality on the edges of objects. Because they're made of lines or paths that have smooth edges while the raster images are made of square pixels. Moreover, a vector image can be enlarged as much as you want but a raster image has limitation of pixels. It will start losing quality if you enlarge it more than it's original size. Tech N Byte has a graphics team experienced in raster to vector conversion. It offers raster to vector conversion service at affordable rates.

Raster to Vector Conversion

Need to conert a Raster Image into a Vector Image? Just leave it to us. Sit back & relax. Our experts will vectorize your raster image.

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$3.5 per/imaege

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